SportHG, technical and compression clothing based in Barcelona
SportHG is a sportswear textile brand based in Barcelona. Despite of its short life, in the last years SportHG has positioned itself as one of the benchmark brands in baselayer, second layer and accessories products in Spain, especially in running, trail running, ski and outdoor sports sectors.  The key to understand the success of SportHG is that it bets on high technology materials, as well as the agility to adapt itself to new market challenges as a young, active and modern brand.
SportHG logistical and productive headquarters are in Barcelona – international reference smart city, with a powerful scientific ecosystem dedicated to high technology. This Mediterranean city features an important culture of innovation, with huge R&D investments, futurist startups and last generation companies, colleges and hospitals.

The Spanish city also has international prestige as one of fashion capitals in South Europe. Renowned textile brands, like Desigual, Mango and Custo have grown among its buildings and monuments, with successful strategies investing in quality, technology, innovation and adaptability to new times.
SportHG technical garments base their comfort on SEAMLESS production technology, which, combined with a modified polyester basis, creates a highly comfortable material with numerous benefits for the sports’ practice. This fabric avoids any kind of friction or scratch and acts as a second skin, although its more renowned feature is the SMART THERMOREGULATION: the garment adapts itself to any weather condition in order to preserve body’s temperature at a constant level. Pro-athletes from SportHG team have tested

the material in extreme conditions such as Sahara Desert or Polar Circle, with successful results in comfort, transpirability, quick drying and humidity absence.
From thermoregulation comes the name HG, chemical symbol for mercury. This liquid metal contracts or dilates itself according to temperature changes and it has been traditionally used to create thermometers.
SportHG uses carbon fiber (TECH-CARBON ) textile sportswear as its differential factor on the market.  In a highly technological world, small electric pulses that connect muscles and neurons are constantly altered by electronic devices and synthetic materials. Carbon fiber isolates the body from these alterations, defying static electricity and protecting every muscle from fatigues, overcharges and high lactic acid creations. This allows the sportsmen to enhance its performance and to decrease the recovery time.

For the technical features of its material, SportHG garments are perfect for outdoor sports, especially in varying extreme conditions. The brand sponsors important events such as Transgrancanaria or Madeira Island Ultratrail, with great international impact and strategical interest in outdoor sector.  Likewise, the brand collaborates with Spanish mountain federations, ski stations, pro-athletes teams and many others solidary sport projects, always related to spirit of improvement and physical exigency.
The brand is now focused in its expansion, with a solid and consolidated Spanish sales network and with an eye on international markets. The sales strategy, always dedicated to logistical agility and a helping system for selling points, has proven to be a successful tactic. All of this, along with the high technological quality of the product, has positioned the brand as an important commitment to the future in international markets.