Mishmi Takin

The Mishmi Takin Story

While hiking in the Mishmi Hills in Eastern Himalayas, Kapil Dev Singh realized that his high end, waterproof gear was not performing in the hot & humid conditions. Soaked but inspired, he discovered, accidentally, his next career – founding a line of highly breathable and water repellent gear that could withstand the rigors of the tropics and still outperform in temperate climates.

Named after a rare goat-antelope found in the remote Eastern Himalayas, Mishmi Takin has been formed to design high performance products for climatic conditions often overlooked by other brands. With our products, we enable intrepid adventurers to venture into less explored parts of the world, connect with nature and improve their sense of well being. At the same time, we also aim to highlight the challenges faced by people living in remote regions and work to improve their health and well being.

Our initial product focus is on designing high performance boots and hard and soft shells, optimized for the rigors of wet environments. Since the products breathe better in extremely challenging, rainy and humid tropical environments, they are able to outperform in other more temperate and dry environments as well.

The company merges the exuberant style of the tropics with high performance technologies to create products that are at home in both the mountains and city. Our products are ideal for adventure travel, hiking, mountaineering and urban exploration.