Ashmei Compressie

The removal of waste product from your muscles is essential to maximising performance and avoiding discomfort and fatigue. The faster the venous blood flow and therefore removal of this deoxygenated, lactic acid filled blood, the better the muscles can perform. Inefficient removal of deoxygenated blood results in you feeling fatigued and possible pain and this is where compression comes in. A correctly graduated compression sock with higher compression at the ankle assists the small muscles around the veins, squeezing deoxygenated blood and waste product such as lactic acid back to the heart for removal.
Our Men’s Compression Socks have been developed by using the best fibres possible to produce a sock that offers ultimate compression, but also offer the additional benefit of blister free running while keeping your feet comfortable throughout your run.
We have done this by adding features and performance that runners really need without compromise, for instance, we offer our compression socks with specific calf and shoe sizes so you can guarantee your sock fits your foot without causing blisters or rubbing and also gives you tailored compression.
Our Men’s Compression Socks feature-:
Non Slip-: The fit of the sock is key but we have also added an elastication panel around the arch to help the sock grip the foot. This is quite standard on most high performance socks but we didn’t stop there. We added elastication around the heel area so the sock stays in position around the heel and stops the sock being pushed down into the shoe on every strike of the foot.
 No Blisters-: Blisters can be caused by a poor fitting sock that slips inside the show and also by the toe seam. We have hand linked our toe seam so it has a flat, non bulky finish so every time you push off from the ball of your foot your toes do not feel the ridge of the toe seam.
 Temperature Regulation-: If your feet get cold or hot then they become uncomfortable. We have therefore used Merino Wool which is the only thermo regulating yarn and helps to maintain your body temperature, helping your feet to stay warm when its freezing and then keeping them cool when heat is generated. Most typical synthetics just get you hot and sweaty.
 Fast Wicking and Drying-: Merino Wool wicks and dries really fast. It is used by mountaineers who need their garments to stay dry from moisture build up to prevent them freezing. Activated Carbon is one of the fastest wicking substance known to man and when it is mixed with the Superfine Merino it produces a yarn that outperforms the best synthetics available.
 Comfort-: Ultimate comfort is achieved by addressing all of the above features.
 Easy Care-: These socks are made from natural yarns. They are easy to wash in a standard washing machine and do not need a hot wash to get them clean. They line dry super fast so no need to tumble-dry these either.
 No Stink-: All synthetic yarns stink after a while because they attract bacteria. You can add more nasty chemicals to help stop this or wash them in special soaps but these are never permanent and not great for the environment. Bacteria cannot build up on natural yarns and therefore these socks will smell as clean and fresh forever. In fact you don’t need to wash them after every run!
NOTE. To measure the calf, please measure the widest part of your calf around the circumference.